Hakomi Salon

What is Hakomi? We invite you to come and learn this somatic and experience-based approach to change.

Program Details

Hakomi Salon

Hakomi is a body-centered mindfulness-spaced experiential approach to human potential and human development. It synthesized a pioneering approach to somatic psychotherapy, combining mindfulness, gentleness and experiential exploration of human behavior.

The salon is highly suitable for helping professionals, such as coaches and counselors, therapists, Human Resources and Organization Development practitioners, professionals in the healing arts who want to provide accelerated healing and empathic support to their clients, as well as body workers, medical doctors.

It also suits family business owners, corporate leaders and executives as Hakomi also helps family business owners and corporate leaders improve the way that employees accomplish their task, gives the tools to work with relationships, creating a healthy organization culture, people are more satisfied with their work, more productive, relationships are better.

This experiential salon may help you know about:

  • What’s Hakomi
  • Experience a bit about the mindfulness based Hakomi methodology
  • Meet our Hakomi trainer from US
  • How the Hakomi full program arrangement
  • Benefits for Hakomi Study