Drama Healing Workshop

Drama Healing Workshop, designed on the basis of DvT (Developmental Transforming Drama Therapy), is a psychosomatic healing project in the form of dramatic free play, which is an effective way to open up a person's free state.

Program Details

Drama Healing Workshop

We are good at disguising ourselves and habitually hiding our true emotions and thoughts, because in life, we need to face the whole world, not just ourselves.

In drama, however, when we put on the "mask" of the characters, we can freely and reasonably release the roles that already exist in the body, instead, we can be ourselves. Thoughts that can not be expressed, subconscious exploration, suppressed emotions, unrealized thoughts... It can be truly experienced in drama.

We are not actors. How can we experience more roles and release the depressed parts of our lives? Drama, originating from life, transcends life. It is not only a performing art, but also a way of psychological healing. Drama healing uses the potential of life contained in drama to reflect and transform life experiences, and helps participants to explore the inner world, release emotions and emotions, express and improve the plight they encounter. Participants can also enhance their perception of real life roles through different dramatic roles.

DvT (Development Transformations), or developmental transformation, is a unique method in theatrical therapy. Therapists and visitors interact with free improvised drama and action in the "game space". It was developed by Dr. David Read Johnson, a professor of psychiatry at Yale University and one of the founders of theatre therapy in the United States. It is now used in social fields such as psychotherapy, expressive art therapy, personal growth, theatre performance training and business training.

You will experience in the experience:
• A lot of improvisation
• A lot of playfulness
• lots of movements + voice + role play.
• A lot of sweat, emotions and feelings
• A lot of unexpected