Aromatic and Sound Bowl Therapy

This course is inspired by two main parts: on the one hand, through the practice of meditation, breathing, and posture, on the other hand, by the frequent vibration of both aroma and sound, the close combination of smell and hearing will bring healing closer to life.

Program Details

Aromatic and Sound Bowl Therapy

From meditation, breathing to posture - opens the journey of holographic energy healing. Modern urban population, in the face of various pressures in work and life, often appear insomnia, anxiety and other symptoms.

Ode bowl from the Himalayas, a long voice, let the mind relax, calm, unique vibration frequency through the body, so as to achieve a harmonious resonance, release tension and pressure, balance chakra energy, let a ray of bowl sound, inspire the body and mind dance.

The high-frequency sound of the crystal bowl relaxes the brain more, leading to a relaxation between consciousness and unconsciousness, immersed in a sleepy, non-sleeping state. Mysterious energy, hidden in the chakra, each chakra's awakening and purification process, will release a load of their own. The first three chakras are closely related to the body, material and interpersonal relationships, and the realization of their energy harmony will lead to a healthy body and a beautiful face.

Each chakra corresponds to a specific odor, color, and voice. When plant fragrance meets chakra energy, it brings more perfect rhythm of life.

Through the natural energy of plant aroma, the sensory awareness and inner awakening can be opened, and the primitive self-healing mechanism of human being can be activated to realize the balance between body and mind.

Essential oils are like the soul of plants. Every tree and flower has the energy endowed by nature. Man has the gift of nature and the nourishment of trees and flowers. Through the use of essential oils, we can achieve the sublimation of body, mind and spirit.