The Wisdom of Health in Huangdi Neijing

Learning the Huangdi Neijing is like talking to thousands of sages. It is to listen to their transcendent wisdom about life and health.

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The Wisdom of Health in Huangdi Neijing

At present, the society is very busy and stressed, and has no time to take care of its own emotions and health. Often when a person is successful, it is also the loss of mental dissipation and health. In such a situation, a variety of "fast food" health care methods come in a rush, and for a while the flowers are becoming more and more attractive and confusing.

Ancient Innocence, the first of the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, puts forward that the ancient people, who knew it, practiced Yin and Yang, practiced arithmetic, ate and drank regularly, lived and worked regularly, and did not do anything rashly. Therefore, they were able to stay with God in form, and passed away at the end of their lives. And what is Yin and Yang, what is magic, what is food, drink, living, what is labor, how to do it is called "Fayu", just enough to "harmony"... These specific contents are scattered in the "Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" each article, such as on Yin and Yang, arithmetic of the "Four Qi Da Lun", "Qi Tongtian Lun", "Yin and Yang should be like Da Lun", on food and drink, living in the "Tangye Cheerin Lun", "Xuanming Five Qi Papers" and so on. This article makes a high summary of the specific methods used by the ancient people to pass away their centenary in the whole Huangdi Neijing, so they can attend the first chapter.

The wisdom of The Ancient Theory of Innocence tells us that only by following the law of natural health preservation, following the law of Yin and Yang changes in nature, stressing the correct way of health preservation, and keeping a good diet and a regular routine of life and rest, can we really prolong life.

The Ancient Theory of Innocence lists four kinds of people: the real person, the great person, the sage and the sage. The real person can grasp the program of the heaven and the earth, and play with the Yin and Yang in the hands of "life is desolate, there is no end". When the person can only reconcile the Yin and Yang, his spirit needs to accumulate and preserve. The state of "full blood" of real people will never be worse or worse, even though "full blood" of people, but it is relying on constant "blood" to maintain. The sages and sages in the rear are different from life. Their lifespan is over 100 years old.

The above four kinds of people actually reveal three life states. It not only locates the basic state of healthy life as stated in the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, but also puts forward the methodology to realize this state. The basic state of a healthy life is not only the length of life, the strength and flexibility of the body, but also the peace and ease of mind. In contrast to self-examination, we either live in anxiety and worry every day, or are in the fear of comparison; when we are young, we struggle with nature and Society for fame and power at the expense of our lives, and when we are old, we lie in a wheelchair bed, breathe for life with remnants of medicine, and can not even have a soft body. If we would rather go back to the main road and pursue the external sensory stimulation, we would have no chance to approach the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, let alone enter the hall and inherit its tradition.

The secret of a long life of a hundred years is hidden in every day's use and unconscious life.