A Home for the Mindful. Strip away the non-essential, bring to the forefront that which creates true value in life.




Designed by internationally renowned architects Calvin Tsao, Yung Ho Chang, and Neri & Hu, 101 houses ranging from 600 to 1300 square meters sit along a secluded Yangcheng Lake peninsula. Shady lanes lined with sycamore show the beauty of nature’s renewal, with every sunrise & season. On a lakeside terrace, feel the sensations of nature over shimmering lake vistas.

We reflect, respect and integrate into our environment. By harnessing what nature gives us - natural ventilation, sunlight & repurposed stone - we practice environmental mindfulness.

The rhythms of nature dictate design. Every feature embraces & brings in the outside world.

Beijing & Shanghai style houses sit along spacious lanes that invite meandering strolls and neighborly hellos.

Courtyards and terraces provide natural environs for a family life fully at one with nature.

Bamboo rows and garden plots beckon connection with the earth and growing with your loved ones.

We design inside, out to create spaces that invite the natural world in.

Look out over a lakeside terrace to experience nature’s sights, sounds and sensations.

Essentialist interiors soothe, calm, and uplift.

Open cooking space connect us to one another through the bonding power of food.

Social spaces bring to the forefront that which creates true value in life - our moments together.

Open basement living areas create space for meditative repose & the joy of laughter shared.

Sangha villa Exterior