A seasonal holistic purification series to rid the toxic load in the body accumulated through city living.

Program Details


Created by SANGHA BY OCTAVE experts in medicine, nutrition, hydrothermal therapy, fitness and mindset, the team tracks your daily status throughout the retreat to ensure that you are undergoing a safe and sustainable cleansing process on-site and also when you return to regular routine.

Highlights of this retreat include:

•  Liquid Elixir Series designed by Registered Dietician
• Medical Screening of Mind, Body and Spirit by Western and Eastern practitioners
• Treatments at AT ONE Healing Spa:
  - Daily SANGHA Re-birth Massage or Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  - SANGHA Body Salt Scrub
• Hydrocolon Cleansing or Acupuncture 
• SANGHA Stretch
• Daily Hydrothermal Therapy Circuit
• Daily Living Habits Practice Calendar
• Accommodation at Lakeview Junior Suite with infinity lake view
Package Duration:  4D3N, 6D5N, 8D7N or 11D10N
4D3N:  25,000RMB for single occupancy; 36,000RMB for double occupancy, click here to book
6D5N:  42,000RMB for single occupancy; 65,000RMB for double occupancy, click here to book
8D7N:  53,000RMB for single occupancy; 85,000RMB for double occupancy, click here to book
11D10N:  77,000RMB for single occupancy; 124,000RMB for double occupancy, click here to book
15D14N:  105,000RMB for single occupancy; 165,000RMB for double occupancy, click here to book

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199 Yang Cheng Ring Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, China

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+86 (512) 6788 1888

Reservation line:
+86 (512) 6788 1666

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