The Secret of Raising High EQ Babies

Understand the development of parent-child relationships and raise a confident and cheerful baby.


The talent standard in the 21st century has shifted from intelligence quotient to the attention of EQ. The most critical time for EQ training is in the growing up stage of 0 to 6 years old. In addition to the innate genetic factors, the secured attachment of parent-child relationship depends on the attunement connection between parent-child relationship and parent-child emotional interaction. Parents and main caregivers should learn to understand the process & milestones of physical and mental development of infants and young children, grasp the key period of growth, provide children with the best quality growth environment and healthy parent-child relationship, and lay the foundation of life for children with love and sense of security.
A baby with stable mood and high EQ will learn better and build good relationships in the future. Parents are the first teachers of their children. According to neuroscience, the emotional state of parents and infant caregivers will transmit ideas, emotions and behavior models to infants and young children through the role of mirror neurons. Therefore, the state of caregivers becomes a model for the growth of children, and the self-care and growth of parents and caregivers is particularly important in the process of child-rearing. Let the child-rearing is no longer just a unilateral responsibility to pay, but a mutual nourishment, grow up together on the journey of life.
The parenting programs in the market usually bring more psychological pressure to the parents, lest the child lose on the start-up line, which causes the parents to be more anxious and the parent-child relationship is more intense. In addition to providing the scientific basis of the systematic content, the Secret of Raising High-EQ Babies also pays attention to the self-care of the caregivers, so that the long-term task of raising children is more stable, and the goal of child-care and self-care is achieved.


The purpose of this series program is to help new parents understand the key sensitive period of infant brain nerve development and develop healthy attachment; take you into the mysterious world of infant brain development and explore how infant brain development is affected by interaction with parents; explore what kind of companionship, environment and education can promote baby's EQ and intellectual development; And help parents to manage their emotions, understand the strong impact of expressions and words on their babies, learn intelligent love and discipline, and raise smart and happy babies with healthy body and soul.
This series of workshops also pay attention to the mental health of caregivers. In order to implement the self-care of parents / caregivers, they are first created in each series of the program, combined with the experiential links of art healing, to guide parents / caregivers to explore their own awareness and inspiration, and to explore the awareness and causes of self-subconscious automation mode through artistic media and carefully designed experiential activities. Helping caregivers' self-care and life growth not only enhances the effective promotion of parent-child education, but also helps to repair and reconstruct the parent-child relationship of the three generations.


This program combines with the latest scientific discoveries and neuropsychology, provides the most useful empirical knowledge and methods, through the emotional video, as well as actual practice and on-site Q & A. It is fun and interactive to engage you at the cognitive level and your inner being by learning the cutting-edge parenting knowledge, so you can convert it to action for building healthy parent-child relationship. This program can help you with your baby in 0-3 years – the most potential learner to enjoy every precious moment together and lay down a good foundation for your baby’s development.
The art therapist will carry out an art healing experiential activity in each series, guide the caregiver to turn his/her attention from the child to his/her own inner world, connect with his/her inner child, improve his/her self-awareness, distinguish theirs or child's psychological needs, cherish their efforts and accept their own imperfections, thus encouraging themselves to make new choices and learn to apply new parenting methods. Improve the healthy development of parent-child relationship.

Course Details

The Secret of Raising High EQ Babies

Location: Shanghai

Language: Chinese

Duration: The program contains 4 series.  Each series is 6 hours into total of 24 hours.

Price: 1500 per module


Learning Objectives:

• To uncover the mysteries of brain development at the age of 0-6 with many scientific evidences, to teach parents how to raise better and healthier children

• To help novice parents disconnect the repetition of their original families, to receive the growth blessing of child-rearing

• To learn the connection method of meaningful love between parents and children, to lay a solid foundation for life

• To explore the inner world through artistic healing, and to establish inspiration and confidence for self-care and parent-child interaction.


Target Audience:

1. 0-6-year-old parents & main caregivers

2. Parents during pregnancy

3. The new couples preparing to be parents

4. (Can be tailor-made for Confinement Center)



Series One: How to establish a healthy life foundation for children

• The relationship of attachment is the basis of the development of the children's life

• Attunement child-rearing method in accordance with attachment theory

• Mindful Parenting: put on the oxygen mask for yourself

• The expression of sound-sense art


Series Two: How to cultivate children's EQ through their innate temperament

• Children’s innate temperament influence their personality development

• To teach parents to read their children's emotions

• To teach their children to be friends with their emotions

• Family sculptures: understanding the source of our own family


Series Three: How to inspire the baby's mind

• To grasp the key period of children's language learning

• Parent-child reading changes the sovereignty of the brain

• Return the right of play back to children

• Graffiti like a child-graffiti game


Series Four: How to let discipline be the action of love

• The skills of communicating with children

• The secret of discipline

• The action of love

• Self-healing box-safety box


Dr Carol Wang


Director, AITIA Family Learning Center

Dr. Carol Wang is a Taiwanese. She obtained her PhD degree of Clinical Psychology from East China Normal University, master & bachelor’s degree from University of Missouri. Carol became a certified China-licensed Counselor in 2007 and was joint certified as an intimate relationship trainer by Focus on Family (US) & China Social Work Association. She has lectured in various business enterprises and corporates, such as Bao Steel Corporate, Schneider, Eastman Chemical Company, TSMC, China Eastern Airline, Innotech Internet Group and McCain Food Company, etc.

Carol is now leading the program design and learning as the director of Family Learning Center by Octave Institute under IMC Corporate Group of Singapore.

She is a senior counselor of parent-child education and specialized in changing family relations, focuses on mindful parenting through increasing parents' self-awareness to enable growth. Carol is experienced in practicing EFT (Emotional Focus Therapy) which helps patients to cope with traumatic issues and practicing SFT (Solution Focused Therapy) to assist adolescents overcome behavioral problems. She uses mindfulness techniques to enhance individual and family relationships.

Carol has been interviewed by ICS Spotlight TV program on issues of Chinese families and Beijing Journal of Marriage and Family for a personal profile. With her 12 years of home-schooling experience and her professional psychology background, she has extensive experience in parenting and has been invited to deliver many parenting workshops and programs. Her articles have been published in several magazines such as Fashion Baby, Mommy Baby and Parents Online in a special column and many academic seminars and core periodicals at home and abroad.

She is a clinical member and the board secretary of SIMHA and has been an International EAP Instructor/Counselor of Workplace Options since 2015. Carol was invited by CEO Global as a guest lecturer in Shanghai Jiao-tong University, Fu-Dan University, Tong-Ji University, East China Normal University and Shanghai International Studies University. She used to be the chief psychological supervisor of Chang-Ning District Research Institute. Carol has a great passion and devotes herself to strengthen marriage and family to promote the nurturing of happy family and a harmonious society.