Xman Wu
Xman graduated from Nanjing Institute of Biochemistry, majoring in kinematics of human body.
· practicing Free Fight in 2001 and became a coach at the gym for the first time in 2008
· He went to Shanghai Rui Xing Sports College and became an assistant of professor Liu Zhe's, meanwhile he’s also a coach at Megafit.
· He finished training in Hunan chain fitness club and in charge of the coaching department
· He served as training manager at Yuhang District, Hangzhou
· Served as coach trainer in 365 Sports Institute at Suzhou training base
· Senior private coach
· EPTC certification of AEHMC functional rehabilitative trainer
· The third place for 75 kg class of bodybuilding tournament, Hunan, Yiyang
· The third place for wujia boxing integrated combat MMA