• Registered Nutritionist
Tiya Yu
Tiya holds a master's degree in Nutrition and Food Hygiene from Tianjin Medical University. Prior to joining Sangha, she worked as a dietitian at various healthcare organizations, serving tens of thousands of people. She has extensive experience in clinical nutrition and specializes in weight management, chronic disease management and prenatal nutrition.
  • Registered Dietitian in China
  • Clinical Dietitian certified by the Ministry of Health
  • National Senior Health Manager
  • National Senior Food Inspector
  • Member of Chinese Nutrition Society
After receiving a bachelor's degree in Food Science and Engineering, she continued to study the impact of food safety and food processing on human health, including the effects of processed and natural food ingredients. With many years of scientific research and clinical practice, Tiya firmly believes that although nutrition is only one part of the overall health system, it is an essential and very important part. As a result, a balanced diet is the foundation of holistic wellness.