• Chinese Medicine Physician

Doctor Niles Li believes that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a way of life, a Chinese culture that goes historically to ancient China, and it embodies how a person would life, where the theory and practice of TCM would affect, prevent and cure diseases.

Graduating from the Nanjing University of TCM, then he went to Japan for exchange and study, and worked as a TCM physician in a rehabilitation center in Switzerland, spreading the culture of TCM. His 15 years of clinical work experience helped him absorb the principals of TCM which are now expressed in traditional sayings, knowledge to how we live, from lifestyle changes to food and sleep.

Dr. Li brings to the AT ONE Clinic an experienced medical practitioner with experience in prevention and treatment of common diseases and routine emergency responses, believing in personalized treatment, and makes a holistic diagnosis from a patient’s symptoms, body feeling, tongue reading, and pulse taking; As every patient is unique, his treatment also differs from person to person.