Michelle Xue
Michelle is commented as a patient and detailed yoga teacher by her students.
Michelle has attended and fulfilled the following yoga teacher trainings and workshops:
· Iyengar TTC training with Gloria Glodberg
· Iyengar training with Iyengar disciple Raina
· Pregnancy yoga training with world-class Ivengar yoga teacher (Rita Keller)
· Participating in Father Joe courses
· North American yoga alliance RYT200 hour teacher training (Lance)
· North American yoga alliance RYT200 hours assistant trainer (Lance)
· 35 hour teacher training of prenatal and postnatal yoga  (Nancy)
· Iyengar Junior 3 (Tian Yan)
· Iyengar Junior 3 assistant trainer (Fan Yan Yan)
· Iyengar Junior 2 (Tao Pei Qi)
· Iyengar Junior 2 intermideate training (Fang Zhen Nan)
· Iyengar Junior 2 intermideate training (Su Su)
· Iyengar Into 2 (Fu Hua)
· Iyengar Into 2 intermideate training (Zhou Ke Hao)
· Self practicing Iyengar into 2 (Gao Zhi)