• Feldenkrais Instructor
Maggie Zheng

Maggie used to learn German aromatic therapy systematically for five years and has ten years of aromatherapy experience. She has been trained in different aromatherapy factions and modules, during this time she explored aromatic therapy and learnt different natural therapies such as flower refining, planet chorus healing, sound healing, OH card, crystal, quantum touch therapy, etc. After systematically learnt and practiced cranial sacral therapy, visceral fascia relax therapy, anthroponomy, TCM, pulse diagnosis and “Ji Men Dun Jia” , Maggie start the physical and mental exploration as a Feldenkrais instructor.

She holds following certifications:

  • International certified Feldenkrais instructor 
  • International aroma therapist
  • Craniosacral therapist
  • Singing bowl healer
  • Gong master
  • Secondary psychological counselor
  • Youth counselor