Linda Tai

Linda Tai is a clinical psychologist with expertise in neuropsychological therapy and sleep-related physical and mental health issues. Clinically, she has more than 10 years of biofeedback psychotherapy and stress management experience at Taiwan Medical Center and High-End Medical Center. In addition, she is currently a director of the Taiwan Biofeedback and Neuro-feedback Association, and a member of the Society of Sleep Medicine and the Taiwan Neuropsychological Development and Psychological Rehabilitation Association.

In many years of clinical experience, she believes that happiness is a health science that can be practiced, by maintaining a growing and open mindset, and being mindful in dealing with various relationships. She is dedicated to promoting knowledge about physical and mental health through writing, lectures and clinical practice. She believes that through self-understanding and the mind-brain connection will enable everyone to have good physical and mental health as the basis for their pursuit of self-fulfillment.