Johnson Hu
Johnson has more than 14 years of training experience and 8 years of coaching experience. He was awarded the certification of professional PT (Personal Trainer) and senior PT by AASFP in 2009, and was rated as an excellent trainer. In 2010, Johnson set foot on the journey of Muay Thai. Johnson joined California Fitness in 2013, served as training director of Thai Boxing, and was honored as a five-star private trainer. He participated in the training of National Fitness Nutritionist in 2016. He won the certification for Ministry of human resources and social security, National Employee Education and Training Association. He also participated in EXOS training (US Physical Fitness Institute) in 2017, and was certified as expert of XPS sports performance. He has been training in Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp in Phuket, Thailand. Also been trained in Wild Card Boxing Club, US and Sor Vorapin Gym, Thailand. 
Johnson's specialty is tailoring training programs based on students’ individual body condition and training objectives. He is also known to blend into his class the latest fashion elements, resulting in a unique training experience. He believes that “on the journey of fitness, you are not only reshaping your body, but also your life”.