• Nutritionist
Gabrielle Luo

Gabrielle Luo, a registered dietitian in Australia and China, obtained her master's degree in food science from the University of New South Wales. She further equipped a master's degree in nutrition from the University of Sydney. Gabrielle, with the food safety laws and regulations of China, Australia and New Zealand, is a qualified food safety and quality inspector, compounded with her technical knowledge of food science which cut across her expertise in human nutrition. Before joining SANGHA BY OCTAVE, she has worked in the food and nutrition industry in Australia for 6 years.

Gabrielle is responsible for the formulation of nutrition recipes for the health department of SANGHA Retreat BY OCTAVE Institute. She provides one-to-one nutrition guidance for guests. She designs food formula and nutrient balance, and believes that the exquisite food and meal is the best nourishment for our bodies. She guides the planning of reasonable diet nutrition by turning people's concepts and habits, and guide guests to maintain the ideal state of health with scientific food conditioning as a solution.

Gabrielle has become an amateur popular science writer, and she has her own science column and official account. She has held many lectures and series of courses on nutriology.