Drago Lazetich

Drago Lazetich, award winning director was born in Yugoslavia and grew up in the USA . He teaches a new way of acting called The Lazetich System. This combines acting skills, physical choreography, martial arts training as well as how to work with a director and filmmakers. The Lazetich System based on more than 25 years of his experience in the China and U.S. film industry. The Lazetich System incorporates a variety of different artistic methods over his years of studying film and artistic performance. 
Drago says that China's filmmakers and actors can reach international standards, making their film and television productions more lucrative in worldwide cinemas. His style has been already used in many China productions and studios helping actors improve their skills and conducted in private sessions or on set while shooting. After many years in mainland China, Drago sees that the hardest thing for Chinese actors breaking through into better roles comes from a cultural dilemma of saving face. This is a limitation in the abilities of actors to fully express themselves. Drago believes that actors should not feel shame, and exposing vulnerability only adds to the performance. “Acting is like martial arts,” he says, “It takes years to master and thereby to become a master. It's a lifelong learning process to achieve a high level of performance.”