• Head of Ayurveda and Yogic science
Dr Dhanraj G Shetty

Dr. Dhanraj G Shetty is from India having 25 years of clinical experience in Ayurveda medicine.

Dr. Shetty brings with him over 10 years of retreat experience based on Indian wisdom.

For over six years, he worked as Chief Ayurveda consultant and Iyengar yoga instructor at Kare Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat in Pune, India. He was handling various medical conditions through natural methods of Ayurveda treatments, massages, herbal medicine, detoxification, diet and yoga therapy. He was also instrumental in designing and implementing one-month courses in Ayurveda and Yoga.

His skills led him to a 5-year tenure at one of the finest wellness retreats in India – Vana Retreats, Dehradun. During the initial years as Head of Yoga at Vana, he was instrumental in setting up their yoga offering and spreading the wisdom of yogic science not only through postures, pranayama and meditation, but also through new retreat activities, yogic detox, yoga counselling, yoga therapy, mindfulness practices, learning and development, etc. Later, as Head of Traditional Medicine at Vana, he oversaw ancient sciences like Ayurveda, Yoga and Sowa rigpa.

Dr. Shetty graduated in Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery from Karnataka University, India and became a qualified Ayurveda doctor. His interest in Ayurveda medicine made him obtain a post graduate certificate in Panchakarma, a specialty of Ayurveda from Manipal Academy of Higher Education University, one of the topmost / reputed University in India.

His tryst with Yogic Science began in 2003, leading to certificates in Yoga Instructor Course and Masters in Yogic Science from SVYASA University. This University has its presence in nearly 30 countries across the globe and specializes in Yoga research and yoga therapy.

Ayurveda, the science of life, is perhaps the oldest existing body of knowledge on the healing process. It is simultaneously a science and a philosophy, dealing with all aspects of our wellbeing be it physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual. It is a health system based on harmony with nature and strongly advocates healthy lifestyle for promotion of health and prevention of diseases. Yoga is a way of life dealing with subtler aspects of our wellbeing through mindfulness, awareness and spirituality.

Your spiritual tour of Ayurveda and Yoga at SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute begins with a comprehensive consultation by Dr. Shetty. Through this consultation based on the wisdom of these ancient sciences, understand your natural constitution and take away some simple lifestyle tips required for better health. Then a customized treatment plan is drafted being ever mindful of your wellness objectives. We encourage and appreciate your commitment to this itinerary, so that your journey of personal transformation begins at SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute.

"All things in the universe, be they living or not, are mutually connected. Life will be in a healthy state, once the body, spirit, emotion, energy and consciousness reach harmony with each other."