• Regenerative Medicine
Dante Lee

Dr. Dante Lee, has been honored with numerous accolades and titles in his illustrious career in medicine. He is vice president of China Anti-Aging Association (Innovation and Application Department); He has taught at Tsinghua University, Beijing; He is a leading speaker at China Anti-Aging Medicine Congress; Senior Researcher at the World Anti-Aging Medical Association (United States); An international expert on anti-aging certified by A4M, the International Anti-Aging Fellow. He names many distinguished experts in the field of regenerative and anti-aging medicine as his friends and colleagues.

In 2015, Dr. Dante was named “China's Best Anti-Aging Doctor” by the A4M and WAAAM. The always cheerful and passionate Dr. Lee is fluently bilingual and has traveled the world on regular lecture tours to the United States, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries, teaching as well as learning in his chosen field of anti-aging, health management, and life science. He conducts international academic exchanges with world experts on these topics, including Dr. James Watson, Nobel laureate (who co-discovered the double-helix structure of DNA) as well as Craig Mello, Nobel laureate (Physiology/Medicine).

Dr. Dante’s 30-year career as a practicing doctor began right after he graduated from the South Central University. He has since accumulated a wealth of clinical experience, and his specialty includes Anti-Aging Medicine, standardized diagnosis and treatment, and stem cell clinical application. 
Currently, he heads the Regenerative and Anti-Aging Department at  AT ONE Clinic.