• Executive Chef
Anthony Sousa Tam
Macau is well known for having one of the most unique and enjoyable cuisines in the world, therefore it is no surprise that Anthony, a Macau native is influence directly by Macanese food. His interest in culinary combined with his acumen with people created a humanistic complex that opened Anthony’s career into the world of professional cooking.
-Inspired Cooking from Around The World
Anthony’s career started in the kitchens of London more than 20 years ago, offered the best opportunities as a direct result of the unique and delicious food that he creates. Anthony has worked in many highly respected restaurants in London to name a few and has also cooked for many presidents from all over the world. 
Anthony's career has taken him to many places, this has most certainly has an effect on the way he looks at food. Chef's style is all about bringing the best out of each ingredient in its natural form. Having great respect for Japanese cuisine after working in some of London's top Japanese restaurants, his frequent visits to Japan ensures that there is always a Japanese element in the dishes he serves.
-Advocating Healthy Eating and Authentic Flavors
As the world moves towards a dining lifestyle focusing on healthy dining and organic food, Chef Anthony stayed true to his culinary roots while delivering healthy and organic cuisines that has now become his staple, creating a harmonious symmetry within his creations. 
Having been part of many successful openings, Chef Anthony is now the Executive Chef in THOUGHT FOR FOOD at THE LIVING ROOM in Shanghai and SANGHA BY OCTAVE in Suzhou, aiming to bring a unique experience only attainable by combining only the best organic ingredients and his culinary excellence as a chef. He is also one of the pillars of THOUGHT FOR FOOD’s culinary philosophy.