• Instructor and Sound Healer
Amy Wu
Amy specializes in teaching yoga and is devoted to researching breathing exercises, physiotherapy yoga as well as shoulder, neck, lumbar spine and painless hip-shoulder rehabilitation techniques.
  • Internationally Certified Sound Healer (Yoga Alliance USA)
  • Certified Senior Instructor (Yoga Alliance RYT500)
  • Senior Aerial Yoga and Ball Yoga Tutor (Chinese Yoga Alliance)
  • Certified Referee of General Administration (Sport of China)
  • Certified Instructor (General Administration of Sport of China)
  • Board of Education (Sound Therapist) Intermediate Certification
  • Full Frequency Modern Sound Therapy Certification
  • Painless Shoulder and Hip Opening Course Certification
She focuses on both physical and spiritual practices. In Rishikesh, India, Amy studied traditional yoga, Ayurveda, sound bowl healing, water healing, chakra balance and meditation. She has continued her exploration into yoga philosophy and its numerous applications in everyday life.