Eight living habits

From the exploration and cultivation of mindfulness in the 8 living habits of eating, breathing, sleeping, movement, stillness, worldview, Middleway and Celebration of Life, this is a journey of self-discovery that helps individuals improve various aspects of their lives and achieve a healthier lifestyle.


Eating mindfully is a skill.
This practice helps one to understand the connection between mind and food, practice mindful cooking and dining, eat with awareness, and seek the source of life energy.


While breathing is a seemingly simple daily activity, it holds the truth of the universe. Be aware of the breath, allow the right breathing patterns to help the body return to its essence, and restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit.


Mindful movement brings stability to the body and elevates awareness,
Be aware of every muscle change in the body and experience the present moment in the body, making the mind and body happier.


Sleeping is a fundamental physiological function of humans; mindful sleep doesn't demand specific conditions and environment but instead brings awareness to the present state of the mind and body without judgment, finding peace in the current circumstances.


In stillness, stability is born, and wisdom arises. Through the practice of stillness, one attains stability in life. In stillness, wisdom, inspiration, and thoughts arise, awakening one's true nature and inner resilience.


Cultivating virtue and wisdom has been the pursuit of countless sages.
Understanding principles is the way to handle matters and bring illumination to the world. By clarifying cognition and understanding the principles of all things, we have a clear direction in actions and living with purpose, ultimately finding fulfillment.


The Middleway is where heaven and earth reside, and all things grow - to be knowledgeable, to question, to contemplate, to discern, to wholeheartedly practice. When moral cultivation reaches a state of impartiality, true harmony and unity are achieved.

Celebration of Life

The "Celebration of Life", bearing the Eastern cultural attributes of Octave, connects self, society, heaven and earth, and the eternity and immortality of all things in the universe in the infinite reflection and pursuit of the meaning of human existence, the value of existence and the realm of life.