Chavalit Frederick Tsao

Chavalit Tsao

1. Chairman, IMC Pan Asia Alliance and Founder & CEO, Octave Singapore, China

Chavalit Tsao, also known as Fred in his network, is the fourth-generation steward of a family conglomerate which started in The Shanghai Bund before 1906. Fred joined his family business at the age of twenty after he graduated from the University of Michigan with a Master of Science in Engineering.

Fred’s early business successes include starting up a highly profitable palm oil business in Thailand and turning around a bankrupt Thai national shipping line and successfully listing it. 

In 1995 and at the age of thirty-seven, Fred took over as Chairman of IMC Group. Under his stewardship, the traditional shipping company transformed into a multi-national conglomerate with diverse business interests. 

Today, IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group has interests in four strategic business areas:

  1. IMC Industrial, an integrated industrial supply chain group which covers resources, ports, logistics, shipping, offshore engineering, shipyards and other services;
  2. Octave, a sustainable living lifestyle and real estate group; a platform of curated well-being to help people find clarity, harmony and a new level of consciousness and freedom;
  3. Aitia Institute, a learning institute dedicated to shift consciousness of leadership and organization in pursuit of sustainability.  It is focused on mindfulness as a sustainable process to build harmonious society; 
  4. Heritas Capital Management, an investment and fund management group.  

Octave’s concept is the manifestation of numerous years of Fred’s research and contemplation. Octave is a unique blend of eastern wisdom and western sciences.  It is a place that responds to our societal need for healing in all relationships and the fostering of a harmonious community. Octave is a platform and an opportunity for anyone who is seeking to be his/her possibilities.