OCTAVE Institute

OCTAVE Institute is a platform to help people find clarity, harmony and a new level of consciousness and freedom. Founded by an international business leader, Frederick Chavalit Tsao, following numerous years of research and contemplation, OCTAVE Institute enables individuals to discover, learn, grow and evolve relationships with their inner self, others and nature. OCTAVE Institute is comprised of SANGHA Retreat, AITIA, THE LIVING ROOM and the annual AT ONE International Festival.

Frederick Chavalit Tsao

OCTAVE Institute is the vision of Chavalit Tsao, known as Fred in his network. Fred is the fourth-generation steward of a successful Singapore-based family business whose roots are from Shanghai. In 1995, at the age of 37, Fred took over as Chairman of the IMC Group. Under his leadership, the traditional shipping company transformed into a multi-national conglomerate with diverse business interests. Fred’s own inward journey of conscious awakening led him to create opportunities for societal healing, with the intention of fostering harmonious communities. As someone who is passionate about human well-being, Fred is deeply interested in the connection between Western science and traditional Chinese philosophy.

“Wellness is hard to describe yet we know when we’re well. We’re peaceful, we’re joyous and we’re content to live in the moment and let that moment consume us completely. That’s wellness; that’s the purpose of OCTAVE Institute – to introduce a new cycle of living that achieves mind, body and spiritual wellness.”

– Frederick Chavalit Tsao
Founder of OCTAVE Institute

SANGHA Retreat By OCTAVE Institute

SANGHA Retreat By OCTAVE Institute, a 47-acre lakeside retreat located west of Shanghai, brings together the best of eastern wisdom and western science. The property employs an integrative approach incorporating the latest technology and the understanding of health, wellness and mindfulness practices to create an experience like no other.

With the understanding that change is a unique and personal journey, each stay begins with a comprehensive medical assessment by an accomplished international team of doctors. Following this evaluation, a customized plan of meals, treatments, exercise and activities is crafted to rewire, reframe and renew the mind, body and spirit, highlighting a path designed to reskill guests for a deeper personal connection and lasting transformation.